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Applied Media

The Faculty of Applied Media offer a program of study that is student-centered and project-based; where practical project work is conceptualized and supported by theoretical knowledge.

Learning will be accomplished through a variety of means including, but not limited to, lectures, student research, discussions, workshops, guest speakers, and industry visits. Students in the Applied Media program will be engaged in learning both in and outside of the classroom and may require scholarly research, interviews, audio and video recording, graphic design, event management, and public relations campaign management.

Dr. Hanene Benabdallah
Executive Dean


HCT provides 3 in Applied Media


HCT is a federal institution that provides free education for UAE national students ...

Study Guidance Plan

Download the study guidance plans for Applied Media Majors

  • Curriculum Structure
  • Learning Outcomes
    (Student Outcomes)
  • Program Goals
    (Program Educational Objectives)
  • Faculty & Management