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The Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) program aims to produce graduates with the knowledge, skills and attributes to provide care and effective education for young children at an international standard in a variety of Early Childhood Education settings.

The program offers students one of the most rewarding careers and an opportunity to shape the future of their country. The degree prepares students for a variety of careers including a classroom teacher; an owner of an Early Childhood Centre or Nursery; an entrepreneur in learning resources; or a proprietor of an education fun zone such as summer camps or a children’s activity centre and many others. Prepared with contemporary knowledge of educational theory, HCT Education students have opportunities every semester to practice the skills they have learned at the college in real schools and learning environments under the mentorship of experienced teachers. This hands-on approach to learning gives students the teaching skills they need to excel in their future careers.

Dr. Philip Quirke
Executive Dean

Programs and Campuses

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
Abu Dhabi Women’s Campus, Al Ain Women’s Campus, Dubai Women’s Campus, Sharjah Women’s Campus, Ras Al Khaimah Women’s Campus, Fujairah Women’s Campus,
Diploma in Teaching Assistant
Abu Dhabi Women’s Campus, Sharjah Women’s Campus, Fujairah Women’s Campus,


HCT is a federal institution that provides free education for UAE national students ...