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Information for Parents

Find out why thousands of UAE nationals have chosen to study at the Higher Colleges of Technology, and what life is like on campus.

Why Study at HCT?

  • HCT has a strong reputation for excellence and quality in education
  • HCT’s professional teaching staff are specialists in their field and experts in the latest teaching methods and techniques
  • More than 40 different programs to choose from, including many offered online
  • Study using the latest equipment, technology and techniques
  • A dynamic academic, practical and social learning environment
  • Large choice of Applied Diploma, Higher Diploma and Bachelor Degree courses
  • Strong study, research and support networks
  • Development of strong English language and communication skills
  • Mix of classroom theory with practical on-the-job training that helps students meet modern workforce demands
  • Strong focus on career development through learning by doing philosophy and life-long learning