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The Business Faculty is committed to developing and delivering quality, student centered Business education that provides students with the knowledge and skills to meet the evolving needs of stakeholders in the UAE.

The Faculty serves the needs of the region by offering sustainable programs that provide both local and global perspectives, promote social responsibility and enhance critical thinking and professional practices.

The Faculty provides superior graduates capable of assuming challenging and key positions, integrating the business expertise and skills needed in a rapidly evolving society.

These programs enable graduates to meet professional requirements found in a bilingual multicultural business environment and develop employability and lifelong learning skills leading to a variety of management careers in local and international organizations within the UAE. Business graduates find their skills are highly sought after by many UAE organizations.

Graduates can expect to work in a wide range of industries and organizations with the public and private sector including banks, accountancy firms, property companies, the aviation industry, oil and gas companies, the government, information technology firms, etc. or opt to become entrepreneurs.

Dr. Ayesha Abdullah
Executive Dean


HCT provides 9 in Business


HCT is a federal institution that provides free education for UAE national students ...

Study Guidance Plan

Download the study guidance plans for Business Majors

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