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Research and White Paper


Why Graded Assessment for Undergraduates During the COVID-19 Lockdown? An Experience Introspection

This is a retrospective evaluation of the Higher Colleges of Technology’s student assessments during the COVID-19 lockdown, reflecting the deployment of graded student assessments during the lockdown, to enable students to progress through their courses and/or graduate on time. This adopted practice also maintained the quality and rigor of academic awards by HCT.

Dr. Abdullatif AlShamsi, Alex Zahavich, Samar Elfarra

Instructional and Business Continuity Amid and Beyond COVID-19 Outbreak: A Case Study from the Higher Colleges of Technology

HCT called for an all-online delivery starting March 22, 2020 after a two-day pilot in the preceding week. HCT readiness is a result of orchestrating: an ecosystem perspective on digital transformation, a forward-looking institutional strategy that has technology utilization as a major pillar, an education technology strategy, and a comprehensive set of intelligent learning tools.

Dr. Abdullatif AlShamsi, Dr. Jihad Mohaidat, Dr. Noura Al Hinai & Dr. Ahmed Samy

Alternative Digital Credentials—UAE’s First Adopters’ Quality Assurance Model and Case Study.

An academic paper, co-authored by HCT members, relating to the use of Alternative Digital Credentials in the UAE has been published by Springer Singapore in a 2022 book entitled, “Artificial Intelligence in Education: Emerging Technologies, Models and Applications”. The paper, entitled “Alternative Digital Credentials—UAE’s First Adopters’ Quality Assurance Model and Case Study”, is co-authored by:
  • Samah El-Farra, Manager of Assessments
  • Dr. Saud AlDajah, Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering Technology & Science
  • Professor Abdullatif AlShamsi, HCT President & CEO
  • Dr. Jihad Mohaidat

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, Dr. Saud Aldajah, Samar El-Farra, Dr. Jihad Mohaidat.

White Paper

HCT White Paper: Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic – From Crisis to Achievement

The white paper chronicles how HCT took a leading role in successfully maintaining the educational status quo for its 23,000-person student body during the Coronavirus pandemic, by implementing several measures to deal with potential disruptions.

One Million Arab Coders initiative (OMAC)

HCT’s participation in the UAE’s One Million Arab Coders initiative (OMAC) was formally launched in January 2020 and was managed by the Faculty of Computer Information Science. This proved to be great success with 1990 certificates being issued to students during the program. As a result, HCT launched a new set of coding and programing training courses to enhance the knowledge and skills of students and provide them with new employment opportunities for future jobs. Learn about the HCT”s successful implementation of the One Million Arab Coders initiative in 2020.