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Engineering Technology & Science

The Faculty of Engineering Technology and Science mission is to provide world class engineering programs empowering graduates with the desire for learning, discovery and innovation, and provide highly competent technologists and engineers to meet present and future industry needs nationally and globally. The reputation and academic integrity of Engineering Technology and Science programs at HCT.

The Faculty of Engineering Technology and Science graduates are effective in the design and practical application of engineering technology solutions. As students, they are taught to lead successfully, work efficiently, and communicate effectively in a team. Their experience during the engineering undergraduate program will instill ethical values and professional standards, therefore, helping them expand their knowledge and competencies through continuing education and other lifelong learning experiences. Thus, making them significant members of the community by contributing their skills and knowledge either locally or internationally.
Employment prospects for HCT Engineering Technology and Science graduates are very strong and cover many local and international industrial sectors including Aviation, Computing, Construction, Consulting, Defense, Energy, Governance, Health care, Infrastructure support and maintenance, Manufacturing, Oil and gas and Telecommunications.

Dr. Saud Aldajah
Executive Dean


HCT provides 13 in Engineering Technology & Science


HCT is a federal institution that provides free education for UAE national students ...

Study Guidance Plan

Download the study guidance plans for Engineering Technology & Science Majors

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