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e-Participation Policy

e-Participation Policy

e-participation is the participation and contribution by stakeholders and the public in the decision-making process of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), by providing suggestions and proposals, and their opinions, which would have a significant effect on the HCT’s objectives, goals, initiatives and achievement methods. The e-participation is attained by using the technology and e-participation tools available from time to time, to HCT stakeholders and the general public.

Consequently, the HCT provides various electronic communication channels for its stakeholders in order to receive their feedback and suggestions that would contribute to raising the level of stakeholder and user satisfaction, and eventually improve the quality of services delivered by HCT.

he HCT emphasizes its goal of achieving transparency in communicating with stakeholders, by providing electronic channels for its stakeholders, and the general public, in order to reflect any observations and suggestions concerning the HCT’s vision, mission, goals and strategic initiatives and objectives. In doing so, the HCT is committed to gathering different points of view in order to enhance the services provided by HCT, and to ensure stakeholder satisfaction.

Supervision, Overseeing and Monitoring at HCT

The HCT welcomes stakeholders and visitors to its website, and appreciates valuable comments and suggestions to its website and its operations in general. Accordingly, the HCT will consider such comments and suggestions in its actions and procedures for the ongoing review, improvement and enhancement of its services.

  • A threat to security
  • Includes inappropriate language
  • Violates the privacy of others or offensive to them
  • Violates the laws of the UAE
  • Violates the policies, procedures, directives, by-laws, rules or regulations of the HCT
  • Improper, obscene or defamatory
  • Includes unwanted messages or promotes trade
  • Biased or prejudicial to any section of the society by race, colour, nationality, religion, gender, status, or other grounds
  • Includes collective or political discussions
  • Contains breach of intellectual property rights

As a result of any of the above items applying to any content, the creator of such content may be blocked from access to the HCT sites or from future or continued access or comment.