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President & CEO’s Message

President & CEO’s Message

At the Higher Colleges of Technology, our dedication to produce highly qualified National professionals, tailored to meet the needs of each stage of progress and advancement, has motivated us to bring about significant changes in our educational system. These changes were devised as part of a new strategy under the theme “Shaping the Future 2023-2028.” Our aim is to bring about a transformative shift in the concept of applied education, aligning it with the national visions and economic agenda of the country, while adhering to global best practices. This new strategy is built upon three key pillars: inclusivity, sustainability, and integration.

In line with the strategic transformations, a novel educational model was implemented, facilitating the attainment of those three foundational pillars. The first pillar, “inclusivity,” empowers HCT to attract a broader student base, based on their abilities and preferences. This has been achieved by introducing the Vocational Diploma track alongside the existing Applied Bachelor track. Twelve new programs have been introduced within the Diploma track, encompassing specializations developed through a thorough and pragmatic study, and which are aligned to the future labor market’s demands. Consequently, we have seen a notable surge in the number of students admitted for the first semester of the 2023-2024 academic year, elevating the total HCT student population to over 25,500 students.

The second pillar, “Integration”, focuses on a fresh strategic approach, involving robust partnerships with business and industry sectors, particularly private sector entities. This approach aims to open up new opportunities for students and enhance the professional ethos within the private sector. HCT initiated the implementation of this new strategy by entering into collaborative agreements with numerous strategic partners in the private sector, thereby creating thousands of training and employment prospects for its students and graduates. In a concerted effort to bolster employment in vital areas, HCT collaborated with the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (NAFIS) under the “Health Program” initiative. This initiative aims to prepare high school graduates for various specializations in the health sector, ultimately supplying the country’s private health institutions with qualified professionals. As part of this collaboration, 650 male and female students were enlisted in NAFIS, and are currently pursuing studies in diverse health sciences specializations.

In order to enhance our students’ preparedness for the job market, we have introduced the “Apprenticeship” concept, a practice geared towards fostering employment and Emiratisation. This approach enables our students to function as employees during their academic studies, dedicating a period to work with partner employers. During this time, students carry out all responsibilities and tasks pertinent to their specialization, creating an experience that establishes a strong connection. This integration of academic knowledge, practical training, and interaction with employers has proven beneficial to over 2,000 students up to the present date.

We possess numerous plans and aspirations for the future, as we aim to graduate individuals equipped to effectively work, produce, and innovate in their respective roles, thereby making a positive impact. Achieving this goal necessitates academic preparation that is aligned with real-world application, and professional practices relevant to the dynamic labor market.

To realize these objectives, we are committed to advancing our academic offerings through the “Shaping the Future” strategy. This involves fostering seamless collaboration with business sectors, particularly the private sector; harnessing educational technology advancements; fostering system-wide innovation and entrepreneurship; refining operational mechanisms within the startup development program; and emphasizing the adoption of best practices and ideas that bolster sustainability.

Dr. Faisal Alayyan

President & CEO, Higher Colleges of Technology