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President & CEO’s Message

President & CEO’s Message

In 2021, the Higher Colleges of Technology has recorded many achievements at both the academic and administrative levels under its strategic plan, aimed at graduating technical leaders equipped with academic qualifications and applied technical skills. This strategy has been fully supported by HCT’s introduction of internationally accredited professional certificates, as well as it promoting graduating students as entrepreneurs and startup owners.

We have sought to achieve success by making the best use of our financial and human resources, which, in turn, support our efforts towards complete institutional and academic digital transformation, as well as achieving our strategic goals and promoting sustainability in the workplace.

By the end of 2021, we celebrated great achievements, including the graduation of 3,848 students in the 2021 cohort at a gala ceremony at Expo 2020 Dubai. Of that graduating cohort, 3250 graduates, equivalent to 85%, hold internationally accredited professional certificates in addition to their academic degrees. In addition, 221 graduates, equivalent to 6%, have successfully established their own startups through the HCT InnCuVation Spaces.

Moreover, support for applied research has increased. This year, HCT has provided funding for 62 research projects, in collaboration with industrial enterprises in key areas, with a total value of over 3 million dirhams. In addition, HCT has won several local and global awards in recognition of its excellence and outstanding contributions to online learning, implementation of hybrid education and sustainability in education, training & volunteer work.

In preparation for the next stage, HCT has developed a strategic vision for the future, based on the UAE’s national visions and aspirations for the next 50 years and the 2071 Centennial, to empower human capital and enhance their readiness for the future. Accordingly, HCT has laid foundations for the 2022-2026 period with the goal of empowering youth to create their own career opportunities and contributing to the development process. Our strategies are focused on the following pillars: (1) enhancing a competency and skills based learning model, instead of solely focusing on knowledge; (2) designing programs and providing educational services that meet individual students’ needs, according to their abilities and talents, by leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and Big Data analytics; (3) developing educational technologies to create an exciting and fun learning environment for students, promoting students’ wellbeing in the college community and (4) strengthening the focus on graduating companies and entrepreneurs.