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Health Sciences

The Health Sciences field is emerging as one of the UAE’s strategic and largest growth areas. The Higher Colleges of Technology’s Health Sciences Division offers a broad range of Health Sciences Bachelor, Higher Diploma and Diploma programs, all designed to provide graduates with the skills and competencies needed to succeed in this challenging and rewarding field.

The Faculty mission is to develop robust, pedagogically sound, nationally and internationally accredited curricula through collaboration internally and externally, partnering with industry and community, particularly in the medical and health sector, to deliver learning and teaching programs that are technically and clinically evidence-based and research informed, and to be highly innovative in the continuous improvement of each program, sensitive to the health and medical industry and community requirements, and emerging future workforce demands.

Healthcare is one of the major pillars of the UAE National Innovation Strategy for the Health and Education sectors, and these sectors are undergoing considerable growth and reformation. There is a very high and increasing market demand for healthcare jobs across the sector, particularly for professionals skilled in the disciplines of Health (nursing and midwifery), Allied Health Professions (medical imaging science, emergency medical services, medical laboratory technology, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, health information management, health informatics and digital health, and social work), and related disciplines in the broad scope of “One Health” (veterinary science).

The Faculty of health Sciences is vibrant and growing division which offers applied bachelor degrees, diplomas, and professional certification qualifications (including micro-credentials), which are designed to the address the needs of the UAE public and private industries and communities that we serve. These different qualifications are offered by 8 Programs in the areas of Emergency Medical Services, Health Information Management, Medical Imaging Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work and Veterinary Science. Indeed, our programs are designed to provide graduates with the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the many opportunities of this rewarding field. Throughout these programs student learning takes place in classrooms, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, government departments, human services organizations, educational and research institutions and a large range of private and semi-private health-related organizations. This work integrated learning experience provides the knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes and behaviors expected of a modern health sciences professional.

Dr. Veronique Boscart
Executive Dean

Programs and Campuses

Bachelor of Nursing
Baniyas Campus (B), Al-Nahda Campus, Sharjah Building (A), Ras Al Khaimah Building (A), Al Faseel Campus,
Bachelor of Health Information Management
Baniyas Campus (B), Sharjah Building (A),
Bachelor of Science in Midwifery
Sharjah Building (A),
Diploma in Pharmacy Technician
Baniyas Campus (B), Al-Nahda Campus,
Diploma in Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
Baniyas Campus (B), Sharjah Building (A),
Diploma for Medical Laboratory Technician
Sharjah Building (A),
Bachelor of Medical Imaging Science
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Bachelor of Emergency Medical Services


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