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Health Sciences

The Health Sciences field is emerging as one of the UAE’s largest growth areas. The Higher Colleges of Technology’s Health Sciences Division offers a broad range of Health Sciences Bachelor, Higher Diploma and Diploma programs, all designed to provide graduates with the skills and competencies needed to succeed in this challenging and rewarding field.

Throughout these programs student learning takes place in classrooms, laboratories, clinics and hospital settings where the experiential learning provides the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours expected of a modern health sciences professional. The HCT Health Sciences Division’s programs and courses are designed to meet the highest academic and industry standards to ensure that graduates are highly sought after by employers.

Health Sciences Division graduates can expect to work in a number of different areas including hospitals, clinics, government departments, human services organizations, laboratories, educational institutions and a large range of private and semi-private health-related organisations.

The Faculty of Health Sciences will therefore maintain its position as the UAE’s employers choice for Emirati healthcare and human services professionals. The Faculty of Health Sciences currently offers eight health programs awarding a total of 15 degrees in the areas of emergency care, health information management, medical imaging, medical laboratory sciences, nursing, pharmacy, social work and veterinary sciences. All 8 programs offer the bachelor degree. In addition, four of those programs have an exit at the higher diploma level and three have an exit at the higher diploma level.

Dr. Nezam Alnsair
Executive Dean


HCT provides 8 in Health Sciences


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