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Five HCT Student-Created Startups Victorious in Sandooq Alwatan’s Launch-ED Competition

Five HCT student-created startups have received funding grants to boost their concepts and enhance their achievements, following their success in the Sandooq Alwatan 2024 Launch-ED competition.

The startups, showcasing innovative services and products, are the result of the support and guidance offered by HCT through its InnCuVation Spaces and Startup Development Program, whose primary goal is to empower students to establish their own ventures while pursuing their studies, ultimately graduating as entrepreneurs.

The five funding recipients from HCT were Balance, High Sky, Electro Seat, Advo Passion and Static Mixer.

Dr. Khalid Al Hashmi, HCT Executive Director of Applied Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, highlighted HCT's 2nd consecutive year of participation in the competition, and its collaborative partnership with Sandooq Alwatan, emphasizing its role in fostering entrepreneurship among Emirati youth and enabling them to create opportunities in the job market.

He expressed gratitude for Sandooq Alwatan’s support, noting the winning participants would receive assistance in refining their business ideas, developing products and services, and nurturing their emerging companies.

Dr. Al Hashmi emphasized HCT's commitment to collaborating and engaging in initiatives that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, highlighting HCT's distinction as the 2019 appointment as the nation's first approved university economic free zone, hence transforming HCT into a hub for nurturing ideas and fostering the growth of companies and entrepreneurs. He further noted that HCT boasts an integrated program dedicated to cultivating startups through tailored pathways and methodologies, fostering a culture of innovation among students and fostering a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The "Balance" startup was founded by two Industrial Engineering students, Fatima Saeed and Ghalia Ghanem, and involves an Application that promotes a healthy lifestyle and simplifies people’s daily exercise routines. Subscribers can to select their own remote or in-person trainer, consult with a nutrition expert, and schedule training sessions. Users receive exclusive discounts at fitness centers and restaurants that offer nutritious meals. It also features a chat service connecting users with trainers and nutrition specialists for guidance and inquiries.

The "High Sky" startup, spearheaded by members of the HCT’s Shaheen Technology Team, Abdulwali Hussein, Ahmed Al-Mansouri, and Hassan Abdulkarim, introduces a project focused on flexible and sustainable mobility. Their concept involves a fleet of scooters, managed via an AI-driven Application. It enables users to request a scooter, which autonomously arrives at their specified location. Upon reaching their destination, users can leave the scooter at a designated station, from where it autonomously returns to the nearest charging and waiting station. One of its standout features is self-charging capability, utilizing either solar energy or electric charging stations, allowing continuous operation for several hours without interruption.

The "Electro Seat" startup, initiated by students Fatima Al-Ghafri, Shouq Al-Naqbi, Maryam Al-Shehhi, and Fatima Al-Shehhi, introduces a product designed to promote daily health practices by monitoring individuals' sitting positions, particularly beneficial for those engaged in prolonged seated work activities. This innovative chair incorporates sensors in the armrests and a smart screen interface, allowing users to input their data. Throughout extended sitting periods, the chair assesses the correctness of the sitting posture. Furthermore, the accompanying application sends alerts via text messages if prolonged sitting is detected, prompting users to engage in brief 5 to 10-minute movement breaks. The primary goal is to safeguard individuals from health issues arising from incorrect sitting postures.

The "Advo Passion" startup, created by Sheikha Al-Shehhi, centers around the development of an application aimed at cataloging the diverse range of activities accessible in Fujairah City, with a specific emphasis on maritime and hiking-related sports activities. This application serves to boost tourism by offering both residents and visitors a platform to explore and book a variety of activities and entertainment options that showcase the distinctive characteristics and natural beauty of Fujairah.

The “Static Mixer” startup, founded by Hassan Al-Tamimi, is dedicated to the development of an innovative mixer tailored for industrial applications. This mixer is engineered to operate with exceptional efficiency, thereby optimizing energy utilization and lowering maintenance and operational expenses. Designed to cater to various sectors including oil, gas, chemical, and water industries, the static mixer offers versatile solutions to meet diverse industry needs.


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