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HCT-Al Ain Hackathon Features Student-designed Interactive Apps to Support New Investors in Financial Markets

The HCT-Al Ain campuses recently hosted a "Hackathon" themed "Innovating for a Better Tomorrow", which saw male and female students from a wide cross-section of disciplines, compete to generate innovative solutions for the financial sector and investment opportunities.

The competitors were challenged to develop solutions to assist novice investors in using the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange’s services, guiding them towards informed, effective, and successful stock investments.

The Hackathon, held in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, was the second of its kind organized by HCT-Al Ain campuses, as part of the national UAE Innovates activities. Each year, the innovation-focused events are centered on presenting students with challenges related to specific sectors, requiring them to use creative, analytical and problem-solving skills, while thinking outside the box.

Among the six competing teams, three emerged victorious, securing the top positions. The first place was awarded to the "Abu Dhabi Securities Platform for Investor Training" project, an interactive platform designed to train novice investors and equip them with the essential skills and knowledge required for successful investment endeavors. This platform offers a range of interactive and digital services tailored to assist investors in achieving their investment objectives.

The "Shawir" App secured the second position, offering a platform utilizing artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology for investor training. This application is seamlessly integrated with the official website of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, aimed at enriching investors' understanding and expertise.

The "Sharik" platform clinched the third spot, offering an interactive interface with a variety of services catering to investors, including investment guidance, personal investment management, investment risk evaluation, and access to an investor community. Through this platform, investors can access comprehensive information and advice to facilitate informed decision-making in the stock market.

Dr. Shawqi Kharbash, Executive Director of HCT-Al Ain Campuses, expressed his delight at the organization of the Hackathon, as an important annual event hosted by Al Ain Campuses. He emphasized its significance in fostering a culture of creative thinking and innovation among students by exposing them to real-world challenges linked to vital sectors such as health, engineering, and finance.

He added the hackathon provides an opportunity for collaboration with labor and industry institutions, allowing them to gain insight into HCT programs and the practical knowledge and skills of its students. In addition, the competition enables students to gain exposure to various aspects of the labor market, its challenges, and required skills.

Dr. Kharbash commended the collaboration of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and praised the HCT's team for their commitment to working with students over two consecutive days to accomplish the set objectives.

Representatives from the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange provided students with insights into its operations and tasked them with proposing innovative solutions to assist new investors in making informed and effective decisions in the stock market. Students devised creative concepts for interactive applications and platforms aimed at familiarizing novice investors with the workings of the stock market and guiding them on how to invest that reduces concerns and enhances their understanding.

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