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Enrollment in Academic Program

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Enrollment in Academic Program

  • Service Delivery Time 5 Days
  • Service Fee None
  • Service Type Automated
  • Transactions 4622

This service is available to students to change from Common Year Program in their division to a specific Program or Concentration within the same division.

  • To submit program or concentration choices, do the below:
  • Click "Start Service" to start the service.
  • Student selects their First and Second Choice program.
  • A third-choice program can be entered if needed.
  • If mandatory, concentration choice also needs to be provided.
  • Request is then submitted for Campus Academic representative approval as final choice.

  • No documents are needed to apply for this service.



  • HCT Website
  • HCT Student Portal
  • MyHCT Mobile App


Active students

Office of Registrar


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