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HCT Student Charter

The HCT Student Charter is a practical document that recognizes and reflects the complex and diverse nature of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) and its community.

The HCT Student Charter’s principles and structure reflect HCT’s core values as described in the following documents:

  • The HCT Strategic Plan
  • Transforming the Future: HCT 2.0
  • 25 different initiatives for enhancing graduate employability, student success, innovative learning and academic excellence

One of the key missions of the HCT is to create and disseminate knowledge to meet the needs of industry and the community and to foster in students the skills and passion to contribute to and engage with the world.

The HCT Student Charter reflects this mission.

HCT responsibilities

As part of this Charter, the HCT shall undertake and abide by the following responsibilities towards all properly enrolled students:

  • Provide high quality and relevant programs, services and resources that meet students’ diverse needs
  • Provide access to academic information, and the assignment of an Academic Advisor at the start of each new academic year who periodically reviews his progress and advise him on his educational goals;
  • Provide access to the service of a suitably qualified counsellor for careers and personal counselling;
  • Provide a safe, supportive and sustainable environment that challenges and empowers students
  • Provide a broad range of student-oriented facilities across academic and non-academic services, including the Determined Ones support, as necessary where assessed to be required.
  • Adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, as well as expect and model academic integrity and honesty
  • Provide all relevant information to inform students about selections of programs, based on their career choices
  • Maintain effective systems of communication with students and provide timely and accurate information about students’ progress, programs and services
  • Reflect on HCT practices; respond to feedback/inquiries within 48 hours and continually improve the services and experience which HCT delivers to students
  • Support and assist student associations, including, but not limited to, Student Council and Alumni.

Student responsibilities

As part of this Charter, all enrolled HCT students shall undertake and abide by the following responsibilities:

  • Be fully committed to their own learning, the decisions they take in relation to learning, and the challenges involved
  • Work with honesty and integrity
  • Give and receive feedback about their experiences and participate in continuous improvement processes
  • Treat all members of the HCT community with respect
  • Value the diversity of students and staff
  • Adhere to the HCT Student Code of Conduct
  • Champion independent thought
  • Respect HCT facilities and resources, relevant policies and follow safety and security advice
  • Provide up to date, accurate and timely student information when required
  • Accept responsibility for decisions made about courses and program choices