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“SANAD” A Promising Model for Thinking Beyond the Crisis

“SANAD” A Promising Model for Thinking Beyond the Crisis

The HCT SANAD program (Support & Advance Nationals to Achieve & Advance) is one of HCT’s key pioneering Emiratization initiatives for UAE Nationals; from employment preparation, career training and office simulation, to permanent employment

The program aims to attract new HCT graduates seeking employment, offering them various administrative jobs within HCT for a period of 3-6 months. This will boost UAE Emiratization efforts and ensure graduate work readiness before entering the labor market. During their employment the SANAD members gain occupational skills and career development.

The HCT Human Capital department has used foresight and flexibility to anticipate employment needs and create work opportunities for new graduates entering the SANAD program

It is interesting to note that during the current pandemic period HCT’s Emiratization efforts have increased, where more than 24 male and female Emiratis were placed in permanent positions, following completion of their training, qualification and evaluation program requirements. It is pleasing to note that the SANAD program contributed to expanding their knowledge and skills

During the current crisis, the program team succeeded in fully automating most of the daily tasks and improving performance, applying lessons learned from the previous government accelerators


Circumstances such as the current pandemic should never be an excuse to impede productivity. Rather, such circumstances give valuable opportunities to re-frame the concept of productivity and search for new dimensions not seen in the past. In every crisis there are many opportunities that

can be found by serious seekers


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