The tables below outline the borrowing privileges for HCT Library community. You can renew your items by logging in
to your library account. Please contact LTS tech if you have any further questions.

Overall Guidelines Max # of Loans Max # of Holds
Staff 50 50
Temp Staff 10 10
Students 20 20
Alumni 5 5
CERT Staff 15 15
CERT (Fee paying) 10 10
Campus Non-HCT 5 5
Books & Journals Loan Period Renewal Period
Staff 42 days 14 days
Students 14 days 14 days
CERT 14 days 14 days
Temp Staff 14 days 14 days
Alumni 14 days 14 days
External 14 days 14 days
Fee paying student 14 days 14 days
Campus Non-HCT 14 days 14 days
DVDs Loan Period Renewal Period
Staff 5 days N/A
Students 5 days N/A
CERT 5 days N/A
Temp Staff 5 days N/A
Alumni 5 days N/A
External 5 days N/A
Fee paying student 5 days N/A
Campus Non-HCT 5 days N/A

Charges for Library items not returned

Description Default Price
General materials (include audio books, cassettes, compact discs,
CD ROMs, books, kits, non-fiction videos, software, wall charts)
250 dhs
Graded reader 30 dhs
Graded reader with accompanying material (DVD) 60 dhs
DVD (fiction) 100 dhs
Magazines and journals 130 dhs

Overdue Notices

If you have overdue items, overdue notices will be sent to your HCT email address.

The following overdue notices are sent for late items:

  • 1st notice when your items are 1 day overdue
  • 2nd notice when your items are 7 days overdue (your account will be blocked at this point)
  • 3rd notice when your items are 14 days overdue
  • You will be billed if your items are 15 days overdue (Note billed items cannot be renewed online)


Please note that when paying for billed items that there are the following charges:

  • The replacement cost of the item
  • Processing fee (for sourcing a replacement copy) – 10 dhs
  • Billing service charge (administration fee for generating the bill) – 10 dhs