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Academic Accreditation

A quality assurance process under which services and operations of any educational institution or its programs are evaluated by an external body (agency) to assess and determine if applicable standards are met. If those standards are met, accredited status is granted by the agency for the institution or its programs.

Academic Advising

Where students engage with a faculty member, as mentor, to obtain guidance and assistance in choosing their academic majors as part of their studies at HCT

Accelerated Track

A track or pathway related to the HCT’s “Applied Bachelor” Programs, in which enrolled students are able to complete their degree in a shortened time frame

Academic Success Centers

A cornerstone of the HCT’s Academic Success Program, and located in HCT campuses, which provide academic and developmental training services to students who need academic support.

Blackboard Learn

A virtual learning environment which features course management, and which allows integration with student information systems.


Commission for Academic Accreditation

Capstone project

A senior project undertaken towards the end of a student’s studies, where the student undertakes a research project on an issue of their choice, and produce a substantial paper that reflects a detailed understanding of the topic


Centre of Excellence for Applied Research & Training


Cumulative Grade Point Average


Computer Information Sciences


Counselling services are those services offered to students who require assistance with a range of academic, personal and financial issues. The services also promote students’ personal development and prevent personal issues or difficulties from interfering with their campus life and studies.


Delegation of Authority


the Emirates Standardized Test


Engineering Technology & Science


Grade Point Average

HCT 2.0

A transformative, five-year strategy by HCT to enhance HCT’s services and roles, which are ultimately aimed at enhancing student engagement and success, and graduate employability

HCT 4.0

The HCT 4.0 – Employability & Beyond strategic plan, based on the directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, where, in March 2019, HCT was announced as the nation’s first approved university economic free zone.

Hybrid Education Model

An educational model implemented by HCT, which enables HCT students to obtain academic qualifications, as well as industry relevant certifications and qualifications. These will assist the students in the workplace


International English Language Testing System

Innovation Spaces

Thematic zones (Computing zone, Business and Entrepreneurship zone, Programming and Robotics zone, Media and Design zone, and Fab and Maker space zone) established in the campuses, which will empower HCT students and staff to transform their ideas to a working prototype


Ministry of Education


Memorandum of Understanding


Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization


Online portal for all HCT students to access information about their courses, campus life, campus facilities and any student-related issues


National Admissions & Placements Office


The International Awarding Body to the Professional Careers Program


President and Chief Executive Officer

Priority Criteria

Approved by the Ministry of Education, and used by the UAE’s three federal higher education institutions, students are divided into three categories. Opportunities for admission depend on the priority criteria

Priority 1

The priority given to current High School graduates who meet the GSC overall average requirements. Male students need to have an average score of 90% and above, or be exempted or completed national service. In addition, it applies to students who have interrupted their studies in federal higher education institutions for a period not exceeding one academic year.

Priority 2

The priority given to High School graduates who applied to federal higher education institutions within a maximum period of three years since their graduation from High School, and those who have interrupted their studies in federal higher education institutions for a period not exceeding three years

Priority 3

The priority given to High School graduates who applied to federal higher education institutions following their graduation from high school, within a period exceeding three years, and to those who have interrupted their studies in federal higher education institutions for longer than three years.

Professional Careers Program

A series of programs designed to prepare learners for entry-level positions in the workplace.

Sector Skills Academy

The HCT Sector Skills Academy offers Professional Diploma Programs designed to provide students with job-related skills and knowledge.


The Determined Ones


“Test of English as a Foreign Language” is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities