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The HCT’s contemporary, Innovation spaces, purpose-built classrooms, studios, workshops, laboratories and learning centres are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Wireless technologies, online learning, video-conferencing, laptop computers, smart boards and Internet are just some of the technologies in place at the HCT to enhance student learning.

Bright and modern Library and Learning Resource Centers offer students an extensive range of research materials and other resources to complement classroom instruction. Gymnasiums and other recreational facilities have been purpose-built throughout the system to enrich HCT students’ social experience through a range of sporting and extra-curricular activities.

Each college offers a cafeteria for students’ meals and snacks during the day. Every effort is made to ensure that meals are nutritious, satisfying and affordable.

The HCT is mindful that all individuals and students are properly authorized to enter the respective campuses. All HCT campuses have security gates with security personnel stationed at each entry. These security officers will only allow those who are properly authorized to enter the respective campuses.