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Student Life

From day one of the student journey until graduation, HCT keeps students engaged in their own learning and development. These engagement opportunities help students develop into well-rounded adults and equip them with the academic and soft skills that are timely and industry-relevant. Student Life services include awards, recognitions, international conferences and study trips

The HCT recognizes outstanding achievements by students through a range of awards and prizes.

Chancellor’s Awards

Given to students who have made the most significant contribution to college life throughout the final academic year, while maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above in each semester of their final academic year.

Chancellor’s Awards

Given to students in good standing placed in Directors List at the relevant colleges. Students must achieve a GPA of 3.5 or above in order to be placed on the list.

Rashid Award

Students graduating with Distinction with Honors in any program may also be eligible for the Rashid Award and the appropriate recognition, depending on the criteria established by the Rashid Awards Committee.

Industry Awards

Many awards are sponsored by specific companies for outstanding graduates in the relevant programmes

Model Student of the month Award

Given to students for accomplishments outside the classroom, including forms of positive social behavior such as attendance, politeness, overcoming personal obstacles, dedication to the community through volunteerism at all different colleges.

The HCT’s contemporary, Innovation spaces, purpose-built classrooms, studios, workshops, laboratories and learning centres are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Wireless technologies, online learning, video-conferencing, laptop computers, smart boards and Internet are just some of the technologies in place at the HCT to enhance student learning.

Bright and modern Library and Learning Resource Centers offer students an extensive range of research materials and other resources to complement classroom instruction. Gymnasiums and other recreational facilities have been purpose-built throughout the system to enrich HCT students’ social experience through a range of sporting and extra-curricular activities.

Each college offers a cafeteria for students’ meals and snacks during the day. Every effort is made to ensure that meals are nutritious, satisfying and affordable.

The HCT is mindful that all individuals and students are properly authorized to enter the respective campuses. All HCT campuses have security gates with security personnel stationed at each entry. These security officers will only allow those who are properly authorized to enter the respective campuses.

Various activities are held throughout the campuses for the whole academic year. Activities include student orientation days and in-house graduation ceremonies among others.

The HCT supports further student education by supporting with scholarships.

Fulbright Scholarships for Graduates

The UAE Fulbright programme provides funding for up to two years of graduate study, such as a Master or doctoral programme, in the United States of America.

The Higher Colleges of Technology are committed to providing innovative and high quality international learning experiences that build on our commitment to academic excellence, global engagement and community service. Global awareness is one of the eight official HCT graduate outcomes that define our graduates.

Each year the HCT organizes a variety of international opportunities, centrally and through individual colleges, for students enrolled in a wide cross-section of programmes.

HCT students have taken part in cultural visits to many overseas destinations including Turkey, Egypt, Italy, USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, while other students have undergone their work placement in overseas companies in these countries, as well as others, such as Norway and Austria.

International study opportunities are also offered. Each year a group of Applied Bachelor programme students from the HCT system attend programmes at Al-Maktoum college in Dundee, Scotland.