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Strategy Execution

At the heart of our HCT 4.0 strategy is our students and our commitment to equip them with the values, skills and intellectual discipline that will enable them to make a positive contribution to the UAE society.
In collaboration with our strategic partners from Industry, Education and Government we will continue to deliver on our commitments through our strategic initiatives.

No Emirati Left Behind

  • Skills Future: Creating a framework for preparing our students and respond to critical challenges and
    opportunities by supporting and developing the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Lifelong Learning: Fostering a culture of life long and life wide learning. This strategic initiative will
    launch new targeted Apprenticeship Programs and conclude on the design and delivery of both Retail and Logistics
    Sector Skills Academies.
  • Digital MicroCredentials: Laying the foundation for digital microcredentials and establish a learners’ skills
    based e-portfolio platform.

Promoting a Culture of Innovation aimed at addressing real societal challenges and opportunities

  • HCT Innovate: Building Strategic Partnerships for Innovation; strengthening innovation capability through
    professional development for Faculty and Staff; recognizing employees’ innovation through Awards; deploying an
    employee’s ideation platform; funding innovative ideas, and instilling innovation at the roots by hosting
    hackathons and innovation events by thematic area.
  • Industry Solutions: Developing a Research Repository System and Portal in partnership with the local Industry
    addressing real economic and societal challenges and opportunities

Graduating Companies

  • Startup HCT: Bring together investors, business leaders, and policy-makers to encourage, recognize and support

Collaborate with Strategic Partners and maintain strong links internationally

  • The Global Applied Education Network (GAEN) positioning HCT internationally and create an influential global
    platform to provide opportunities for its students.
  • GAEN will host the Education 4.0 Summit as part of Expo 2020, Dubai on 10 – 11 February 2021.

Investments in technology for long-term sustainability

  • Paperless HCT Building a smart integrated paperless environment while leveraging on digital emerging
  • Digital Campus Building an integrated data platform which enables HCT to make data driven decisions,
    personalized educational experiences, and advanced analytics capabilities.
  • Institutional excellence: To include the development of a Policy Management Platform; ISO certifications;
    focusing on smart procurement leveraging Blockchain and obtaining the Global Star Rating for our student