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Work Placement Services

Employability and Career Services

Work Placement Services

  • Service Delivery Time 60 days / as per the academic requirement.
  • Service Fee None
  • Service Type Non Automated
  • Transactions 1

Student Work Placement registration and Placement at Employers

  • Receive invitation email to attend and complete mandatory Pre-Work Placement Workshops (HCT Ambassador Program).
  • Attend / complete all required Pre-Placement Workshops.
  • Visit the Employability Hub to fill out the Employer preference form and obtain approval from guardian
  • Submit the required documents such as CV, Transcript, Passport copy, Emirates ID, family Book (if applicable)
  • Attend Interviews if required by Employers.
  • Receive Confirmation on work placement at Employer
  • Commence Work Placement Course.

  • CV
  • Emirates ID, Passport Copy, Family Book, Transcript
  • Employer Preference Form, Guardian Approval


  • Must be eligible for the Work Placement.
  • Must be registered for the HCT Work Placement by the Division.
  • Must complete the Pre-Placement Mandatory Workshops.
  • Student must register for the Work Placement Course with respective Code.

  • Campus Employability Hub

Employability Package.

Active Students.

Employability & Industry Engagement.

Employability and Career Services

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