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Office 365

IT Services

Office 365

  • Service Delivery Time 10-15 minutes
  • Service Fee None
  • Service Type Automated
  • Transactions 1

Microsoft Office 365 service provides email, storage and collaboration platform to all HCT staff and students including Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint... Etc.,) available for students with O365 license (up to 5 personal devices).

  • Open portal.office.com
  • Login with HCT email account (h00xxxxx@hct.ac.ae) and Password
  • Click on the "Install Office" option is available on the login page
  • Download and install the version for your laptop (Mac / Windows)
  • Configuration on Android - Go to Settings -> Account -> Add Account -> Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 -> Enter email address and password
  • Configuration on iPhone - Go to Settings -> Mail -> Add Account -> Exchange -> Enter email address and password
  • Configuration on Outlook in Laptop - Open Outlook App -> Enter email address and password to auto discover the settings and configure


Integrated with ERP Banner.

  • Active student or staff Account.

  • Workstations
  • Web and Mobile


All Students and Staff.

Digital Technologies

IT Services

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