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Employability and Career Services


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A key service that provides potential graduates and alumni with the opportunity to register as Job Seekers for the aim of enhancing their employability readiness and then assisting them in finding job opportunities.

  • Access HCT KAWADER platform through HCT website, portal or mobile application.
  • Fill in the online form specifying Employment status, Job preference, Contact details.
  • Receive registration confirmation email
  • Next Steps after Completing Registration:
  • Communication with the Employability Team to arrange employability readiness workshops, CV review and approval, mock interview assessment.
  • Complete all employability readiness requirements within 20 days.
  • Receive available Job Opportunities from Graduate Placement team that match your major and job preferences.
  • Update employment status regularly in the system.

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Employability Package.

Potential Graduates and Alumni.

Employability & Industry Engagement.

Employability and Career Services
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