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Employability Events

Employability and Career Services

Employability Events

  • Service Delivery Time 1 to 6 hours depending on event type.
  • Service Fee None
  • Service Type Non Automated
  • Transactions 1

Employability Events provides students and graduates with opportunities to network with employers, apply for jobs, learn from industry professionals, and broaden their knowledge regarding jobs in their industry. This includes career days, employer visits, Employer Trips, Lectures by industry professionals.

  • Receive invitation from Campus Employability Hub to attend an Employability Event.
  • Register in Employability event as informed by the Employability team.
  • Attend Employability event.

  • CV copies (for Career Days).
  • Guardian Approval (in case of off-campus events).


  • Guardian Approval for events organized off-campus.

  • Campus Employability Hubs
  • Employer Premises
  • Exhibition areas in the UAE

Employability Package.

Students and Graduates.

Employability & Industry Engagement.

Employability and Career Services

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