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Change of Major Advising

Employability and Career Services

Change of Major Advising

  • Service Delivery Time 1-2 hours.
  • Service Fee None
  • Service Type Non Automated
  • Transactions 1

This service supports students who plan to change their Major by providing them with career guidance.

  • Visit Campus Employability Hub.
  • Fill and sign Change of Major Form.
  • Receive Career guidance by Employability Advisor and complete Career Assessment as required.
  • Form approved by Employability Advisor if agreed of major change.
  • Student submit the form to current and new Division Chairs.

  • Change of Major Form.


  • Student must receive career guidance session.
  • Fill the Form and submit to related academic divisions.
  • Register change in the system.

  • Campus Employability Hub
  • Academic Division
  • Academic Services


Active Students.

Employability & Industry Engagement.

Employability and Career Services

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