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Almoltaqa-Orientation for New Students

Student Life

Almoltaqa-Orientation for New Students

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Orientation for New Students

  • Newly enrolled student will be receiving handbook, new HCT ID's cards, FA forms and TDO forms during the day
  • Student submit completed special accommodation forms and Financial Aid information sheets
  • student check username and password
  • students selecting the courses with the advisor and register online (getting pins from the advisors)
  • Students will receive informative booklets, New ID cards

  • نموذج طلب خدمات الطلبة من أصحاب الهمم
  • نموذج طلب المساعدة المالية

Academic Services - IT services

  • القبول النهائي في الفصل الدراسي

  • الكليات

New Student Package

Newly enrolled students

Student Engagement & Success

Student Life

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