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General Studies

The General Studies Program is dedicated to supporting, developing and mentoring all HCT students to reach their full communicative, intellectual, literacy and vocational skills potential.

This is achieved through a cross-curricula approach that challenges students to reflect and develop holistically by providing them with continual applied learning opportunities that broaden their global perspective, critical thinking, problem-solving and information synthesis skills in preparation for the 4th industrial revolution economy using 21st Century skills.

General Studies courses form an integrated suite of courses that empowers students to meet the challenges of college, the workplace, and life by enabling students to acquire essential 21st century practical skills and competencies in the areas of effective oral and written communication in Arabic and English, creative and critical thinking and problem solving, multiple forms of data gathering and analysis, moral and ethical decision-making, tolerance and multicultural sensitivity while maintaining the unique national identity and Arab cultural background of the UAE, teamwork and collaboration, and understanding the integrative and cumulative nature of knowledge acquisition.

The structure of the General Studies Courses (GS) is aligned with the CAA Standards for Licensure and Accreditation (2019) and consists of the following categories:

  • English language;
  • Arabic language;
  • Islamic studies;
  • UAE studies.
  • Social Science
  • Natural Science
  • Mathematics


Arabic & Emirati Studies

Arabic and Emirati Studies courses are designed to assure that students are proficient in Arabic, the official language of the country and familiar with the history, tradition and culture of the region. The Arabic and Emirati Studies courses are included under General Studies course plan as per CAA course category requirement.

Preparatory Courses

Students who have not yet met the program entry requirements are required to pass the preparatory courses. Those who have not met the English requirement (EmSAT English 1100 or equivalent) are placed in one of two English Communication Courses which are pre-requisites for most program courses. English Communication courses use state-of-the-art learning technology and teaching methods, ensuring that successful students acquire digital as well as linguistic proficiency. Those who have not met the Math requirement (EmSAT Math 800 or equivalent) are placed in the Applied Mathematics Fundamentals course. Preparatory courses are pass/fail and do not have the credits that contribute toward program requirements.

Preparatory  Course EmSAT Placement Score
LSC 0306 English Communications II 850 – 975 in EmSAT English
LSC 0303 English Communications IIB 1000 – 1075 in EmSAT English
LSM 0103 Applied Mathematics Fundamentals <800 in EmSAT Math