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Western Region Colleges get dramatic at Abu Dhabi Festival

As part of the Abu Dhabi Festival, students in Madinat Zayed and Ruwais Higher Colleges of Technology were lucky enough to take part in a drama workshop with Maggie Hannan this week, under the sponsorship of ADMAF, Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation.

Most students will one day have to stand up in front of an audience to give a speech or deliver a seminar.  By learning how to engage the listener and how to convey a message, they are improving their chances of being heard.  They are also developing the confidence needed in the future to step up and put their point of view across when needed.

ADMAF encourages music and the arts as effective educational tools, not only bringing great performers to the Emirates, but also working with the community to bring music and the arts into the heart of society.

Established in 1996 by Hoda Al Khamis Kanoo, ADMAF Founder, the Foundation is a not-for-profit organization under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, ADMAF Patron and President.

When asked if there was a history of drama in the Western Region, Maggie Hannan replied that engaging an audience is acting, telling a story or reciting a poem. Most communities have a history of performance art in some way or other.

Maggie began her session by teaching the students how to move.  To do this, she taught the art of concentration and breathing to help control movement and the art of eye contact to encourage engagement with an audience and to build self-confidence.

Moving is an essential part of being an actor, getting into character and performing.  Maggie called it “poetry in motion.”  Once the students had become more aware of their movements, she encouraged the expression of thoughts and feelings just using movement.  Only then did she begin to develop dialogue and the use of words to convey a story.

Maggie Hannan has worked in professional theatre since an early age, doing a variety of jobs.  She is also an experienced teacher and lecturer who has been working in education for many years.  In Abu Dhabi, she runs her own company, Resuscitation Theatre

Resuscitation Theatre is available to consult with schools, colleges and universities to provide advice and support for the development of Drama within the curriculum and is also able to help with extra-curricular Drama activities.

Find out more abuot ADMAF and Abu Dhabi Festival:  http://www.admaf.org/en   http://www.admaf.org/en/event/abu-dhabi-festival-2012

Maggie Hannan:  http://resuscitationtheatre.com/

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