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University of San Diego visits Abu Dhabi Men’s College

The Higher Colleges of Technology’s-Abu Dhabi Men’s College was recently visited by a group of students and instructors from the University of San Diego (USD).

The delegation was received by Sultan Hussain Karmostaji, Director of HCT Abu Dhabi Colleges.

The visit started at the library in which guests were introduced to different activities and areas including the Independent Learning Zone; the Books & References area; Sonic chairs; the usage of e-books and iPad; and the Liwa system.

The USD students saw how ADMC students receive tutoring as individuals and small groups in Math and Physics courses from faculty and peer tutors, as well as how educational technology, such as iPads, computers, and the ALEKS computer program, are utilised to assist in student learning.

The visiting students had a chance to meet some ADMC students in the library who utilise the library to research topics and find information about research questions given to them by their instructors.

The delegation toured the Chemical Engineering department where they were given a full description on the function of the Instrumental Lab, Distillation Lab and the Analytical Chemistry Lab. ADMC students elaborated on the function of these labs and the different usage of each one of them in the Chemical Engineering department.

The tour included the Electrical Engineering department in which the visiting students had a chance to talk to ADMC students in the Instrumental & Control Lab, during their laboratory session. In addition to the electronics, microcontrollers, and communications laboratories that were hosting various experiments, a number of students discussed their projects and explained the functionality of each feature and how it can benefit the general public.

The use of mobile learning devices, such as the iPad, was obvious among ADMC students who proudly utilised them to connect to and operate their projects.

ADMC is able to use its iPad learning area to conduct classes as the space is equipped with four Apple TV screens that students can connect to and discuss their projects in front of the class.

The tour included a visit to the CISCO Lab in the IT Department, in which students explained their subjects and their projects on such as setting and configuring network for businesses which helps build enterprises networks in the real-world. Students also explained how they use the cloud-computing in class rooms and across the college to access applications and the utilisation of the Oracle and SAP enterprise systems. ADMC students emphasised the importance of these systems in the job market and how the college is training them on the usage of these applications. The tour was concluded by a group picture in the Applied Media studio.

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