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Dubai Men’s College embraces smart phones as educational tools

Dubai Men's College is highlighting HCT's emphasis on technology by offering special applications for smart phones for use by its students.

Students can use their mobile phones to read, learn and communicate with teachers and student services, anywhere inside or outside the college by downloading special programmes for undergraduate curriculum in the field of their study.

Dr Saoud Al Mulla, Director of The Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai said that these applications come as part of the great development taking place in the colleges and aim to provide the latest technology for students, faculty, staff, and academic departments which keep pace with global developments in the field of modern technical applications.

Dr Al Mulla explained that the important thing about the educational applications for smart phones is the wide freedom in using them, which gives students the feeling that he is outside the constraints of scheduled class, and that he has a private space to organise his time, and schedule his study or readings after completing his classes.

Dr Al Mulla also explained that Dubai Men's College provides its students with special applications for organising time and individual study time in which they can take advantage of the free applications for smart phones and tablet computers.

DMC student Hamad Al Hashemi, of the engineering programme, said the introduction of smart phone applications in education made it easier for students to move; gave them the ability to gain education and knowledge at the same time through electronic access to the library via smart applications; to follow-up academic time tables for classes and curriculum; and the developments of the educational process within the HCT in general, and in Dubai Men's College.

Another student Issa al-Meil, of Business Administration programme, said that providing educational applications for smart phones made using his mobile phone more valuable and useful, especially as it can store a lot of information related to his studies.

Student Saeed Bin Ahmad, of the Computer and Information Science Programme, said that applications helped new students a lot in how to organise their time between class work and free learning. He also said they helped in providing vital programmes for students when outside the college, such as library applications, communicating with teachers and the various fitness exercises provided by the college.

The education applications for smart phones in Dubai Men's College are also considered motivators for creating intellectual environments, encouraging students to explore issues outside the curriculum. For instance, they provide an opportunity to view an educational film, or presentation related to the specialisation studied by the student.

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