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Ruwais holds Engineering Forum with local employers

HCT-Ruwais Colleges recently welcomed over 125 participants to an Engineering Forum held in conjunction with the Al Gharbia Career Fair 2012.

Talking with employers  and listening to the needs of students is a vital part of planning and delivering education at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Al Gharbia.  Every semester the Colleges organise a Forum, where employers, the colleges and students can get together to discuss the different ways they can support each other to work together for the future in Al Gharbia.

Employers need to know that the Colleges will provide them with the educated workers that they need now and in the future.  The colleges need to know what the employers are looking for and students can suggest ways that employers and the colleges can support their studies.

Dr Phil Quirke, Director of HCT-Madinat Zayed & Ruwais Colleges introduced the evening with a welcome to all attendees.  Nial Farrell, Associate Director of the Colleges, then spoke about the engineering programs offered at the Colleges and explained how the Colleges are developing in Al Gharbia, summarizing the achievements to-date and also the future plans, with the support of the local community and companies operating in the area.

It was noted that the Higher Colleges are moving towards a level of even higher academic standards by training engineering students to the Bachelor's and Master's level, in order to provide the highly trained workforce needed by the petrochemical industry.

Hamad Al Hajeri from ADNOC gave an overview of the present situation in the petro-chemical industries in Ruwais and in Al Gharbia, and outlined plans for the future development of the region.  He emphasized the need for highly trained staff to lead this expansion.  Many of the operations in the region will more than double over the next fifteen years and there are many opportunities for students who have the qualifications.

Joining the discussion panel were representatives of ADNOC and ADCO, along with Mohamed Al Khouri representing the students.  Many issues were discussed and all agreed it was a most useful evening, giving everyone a better understanding of the issues and starting a discussion that will be carried forward over the next few months.

The most important outcome for the colleges is an ADNOC Abu Dhabi Meeting in the near future about developing the laboratories needed for future college expansion.

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