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Ruwais Colleges student wins first prize in ADCO Painting competition

ADCO, Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations, believe strongly in supporting and developing the community and this week they recognized some of those who had taken part in their National Day celebrations organised by their 2011 South East Sustainability Program for the Western Region.

Mariam Al Mansoori from Ruwais Higher Colleges of Technology, was thrilled to hear that her drawing had won first prize in the regional painting competition held by ADCO.

Students at the colleges and at schools all over Al Gharbia were asked to express their feelings about the 40 years of UAE using paint or pencil.

Mariam travelled to Abu Dhabi with Aisha Al Ali, who was awarded third prize, and six other entrants from the colleges, who were all rewarded in the special awards ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

The event was attended by top management from ADCO, WRDC and the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT).

Mr. Abdul Munim Saif Al Kindy, ADCO Chief Executive Officer, was on stage to honour the awardees, along with Mr. Ahmed Abdul-Wahid Ali Y Al-Hammadi (Senior Vice President – South East). Attending from WRDC was Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hosani and from HCT, Mr. Sultan Hussein Karmostaji (HCT Chief Operating Officer) and Dr Phil Quirke, Director of the Western Region Colleges.

The ceremony began with a video and photographs of the National Day Carnival held in Madinat Zayed and then a slide show of the winning paintings.

“I still can’t believe that I won a prize,” said Aisha, who loves to draw.  “I am so excited to see my painting framed and to think that it will hang in the ADCO head office.  It is wonderful to have my work respected like this.”

After the ceremony, the students were treated to a delicious lunch in the luxurious surroundings of the hotel.

Speaking earlier about the work of the Sustainability Program, Mr. Hassan Mohamed Al-Suwaidi (Operation Manager (ASR/W)) said that ADCO is always working to develop the talents of its staff and he is glad that they are reaching out into the local community and involving young people in community projects.

He added it helps young people understand what ADCO is; what it does and that it is approachable.  It also helps build a cohesive society.  He said he still considers himself a student, learning something new every day and he wants to support the local people to understand that there is nothing that they cannot do, the support is there for them if they just reach out.

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