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Ruwais Colleges host Abu Dhabi Film Festival and World Renowned Artist Christo

Ruwais Higher Colleges of Technology were proud to present, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Film Festival, a recent screening of  “The Gates” - a film by Directors Antonio Ferrera and Matthew Prinzing.

The film documents the 26 years that acclaimed artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude worked to set up one of the largest art works in the world in New York’s Central Park.  The film disclosed the US$21 million they spent from their own pockets on the installation, which was set up for one month in 2005 and provided exceptional insight into their work.

After the screening, guests of honour Christo and Antonio answered questions from the audience about the project.  Many students from Ruwais Men’s College engineering department attended, and they wanted to know why the installation was up for such a short time and some of the engineering problems that Christo and Jeanne-Claude had to solve during the construction.

The next day, Christo came back to the colleges again to meet with both the male and female engineering students in order to discuss his latest project, the massive “Mastaba” he would like to construct in Liwa oasis.

He talked first about the long process of obtaining permission for the construction, which will be larger than the Egyptian pyramids.  Then he discussed the engineering involved and the logistics of building in the remote desert.  He also talked to business students about how he intends to make the money needed to build the Mastaba, which he will pay for himself.

Students from both colleges are hoping to get involved with the project, when permission is granted to go ahead, so they were discussing ways they could contribute and join in.  It will be a golden opportunity for some real-life learning and the chance for students to be involved in an international project that will make history.

If he goes ahead, Christo intends to leave the Mastaba standing, so it will become the only one of his environmental art works that he will not take down making it unique in the world. It is therefore expected to bring many visitors to the Western Region.

If you would like to read more about the project, please go to http://www.christojeanneclaude.net/projects/the-mastaba.


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