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RAK Colleges promote outstanding students in local business publication

The Khotoot Newsletter, a local Ras Al Khaimah business publication, has provided the RAK Colleges with space to promote the talents and achievements of its students and graduates.

Those who have received academic, leadership, sports and/or other awards or recognition are highlighted in the publication. Khotoot also presents a gift voucher, generously donated by Chocolala, to those selected.

The Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Program for Young Business Leaders funds Khotoot which is headed by its local founder Adel Mohamed Shaheen Aal Ali. Khotoot is published twice a month and is widely distributed in Ras Al Khaimah to families in residential areas, as well as local and private businesses and all local schools. Through this publication, the community receives the latest news about the HCT Ras al Khaimah Colleges' outstanding students and alumnae.

The following students, listed in alphabetical order, have appeared in Khotoot to date:

Abdulla Hasan Al Farsi is a Higher Diploma Bachelor’s student in Engineering Mechatronics who earned his Higher Diploma credential last June with a GPA of 2.99. He is a hard-working student who has earned the respect of his teachers and fellow students.

Recently, Abdulla led a group of his peers in the 12th Intercollege Environmental Speaking Competition, held at Dubai Knowledge Village. The event is an open competition for GCC universities and colleges organized by the Emirates Environmental Group.

Abdulla’s team participated in the topic “My Climate, My Responsibility” with a very live and interesting short story, entitled “War and the Environment”. In brief, the story portrays a dove facing pollution and black rain amidst a war torn landscape.

Hamad Abdulla Al Mehairi is an ADGAS-sponsored student, currently studying Engineering in Year Three. He was a Direct Entry student to the HD/BAS program. He has an IELTS Band 7.0 and current GPA of 3.31. He is a mature student, married with a family. He has always been positive with never a word of complaint about anything in the curriculum or regarding assessments.

Tareq Mohammed Al Neaimi is a Higher Diploma graduate, and Bachelor track student now studying in his final year of Engineering Mechatronics. An outstanding student, Tareq earned his Higher Diploma credential with a GPA of 3.61.

Ras Al Khaimah Men’s College recently had two teams competing in the 12th Intercollege Environmental Speaking Competition, held at Dubai Knowledge Village. Tareq and team members participated in the second environmental topic of “Every Drop Matters”. The speech revolved around the need to save water used during ablution. The team described the control unit that they developed for a course project, which can save water from 10 liters per each ablution to only 1.4 liters. If implemented in UAE mosques, it would save up to 10 million dhs of water cost, not to mention the amount of water that would be conserved.

Yaser Abdulrahman Sharhan earned three Engineering credentials with Ras Al Khaimah Men’s College – Diploma, Higher Diploma, and Bachelor degrees. His GPA in Higher Diploma was 3.78 and in Bachelor’s 3.84. He is married and a long-standing Etisalat employee. An outstanding individual at all times during his many years as a student, he always displayed excellent conduct, intelligence, and respect.
Yasser -art

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