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Oxford University Press visit Madinat Zayed and Ruwais Colleges

Madinat Zayed and Ruwais colleges were pleased to welcome Peggy Alptekin from Oxford University Press (OUP) to both the Madinat Zayed and the Ruwais campuses recently.

Ms. Alptekin came to better understand how the Higher Colleges are using iPads in the classroom, so that OUP can enhance their online applications for the iPad.  She was very impressed by how the Colleges' Foundation students and teachers have embraced the emerging technology and how far the colleges have developed their curriculum to enrich the student experience and make best use of the iPad technology.


The Higher Colleges of Technology has a reputation for being at the forefront of technological developments in the classroom and the iPad promises to change the learning environment across the world.  The UAE is well ahead of the field in implementing the technology as a useful tool in the Higher Education classroom and OUP wish to help provide the materials that are needed.

Faculty at the Higher Colleges of Technology have been working hard to integrate the iPad into the Foundations program, a program for students preparing for their Bachelor’s degree. They have been working in collaboration with each other across the HCT federation and with other their sister institutions of ZU and UAEU, sharing knowledge and discoveries, asking and answering questions.

The iPad is especially useful for Challenge Based Learning, as it provides an environment where research and understanding can take place from any location and it gives students greater involvement in their own learning. It is a gateway to the internet and all the courses, resources and applications available there.

Students can study and practice on or offline and present their work in a variety of formats, sharing their work seamlessly with teachers and the rest of the class.   And lastly, using the iPad will avoid students carrying heavy bags of books and laptops around the college, everything they need will be within easy reach either on the device, linked to their teacher or online.

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