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Microsoft Student Partner Program @ AAWC

Four students from Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC) were recently chosen by Microsoft Dubai to join the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Program.

The MSP program is an educational and promotional programme to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The AAWC MSP members will be the Microsoft technology leaders on the AAWC campus and will attend trainings by Microsoft, demonstrate newest technologies and host tech' events on the campus.

As part of this programme, the MSP students and another 11 students, mainly from the Application Development major, were invited on Monday  February 24, 2014 to a workshop at Microsoft offices in Dubai to learn about new features in Visual Studio 2013 and meet the Imagine Cup Winners.

The presentation about the new AppStudio for developing Apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone inspired the students so much that AAWC is now planning to open a DreamSpark Lab. This lab will have Windows 8 computers with Windows development software, Visual Studio 2013, and others installed. AAWC students can use the DreamSpark Lab to develop Windows 8 Apps and any other Windows Applications they can dream of.

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