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Madinat Zayed and Ruwais Colleges outreach team visit Al Gharbia schools

Staff  from HCT's Madinat Zayed and Ruwais Colleges have been travelling during the last month to all the secondary schools in the Western Region on the third of several visits.

Working to support and inform schools of all the opportunities available for students at the HCT Madinat Zayed and Ruwais Colleges is an important part of outreach work.

Al Gharbia is a huge area covering over two thirds of Abu Dhabi Emirate and visiting all the schools involves some long journeys, not only to the main population hubs, but to some of the more remote villages.

There are also the Family Development Foundation Centres to visit, where  young and not-so-young women  complete their educations after having families and can then progress to do their Bachelors with the colleges.

As well as meeting with the school students and telling them about all the wonderful opportunities available for them when they become higher education students, it is important to work with the teachers and Swapneela Koul  from the Independent Learning Centre at the Western Region Colleges travelled with the team to encourage a partnership where school and college staff can exchange experience and views on learning, exploring ways to bring the school students into the colleges for visits and to share resources.

It is also important to help schools with any questions they might have on the application procedure for higher education and Taher Wahdan, Community and Outreach Coordinator, will go back to the schools at a later date to help students with the applications.  He developed  a nice presentation for the school students which highlighted the colleges and the application procedure along with a beautiful brochure the students can keep.

Jane Al Hashemi, Library  Supervisor at the Colleges, was interested in meeting the students and briefly talking about the libraries at the colleges, which are so much more than just books, with online resources, DVDs and much more . “I enjoyed getting out and seeing where our students have come from and meeting siblings of current students and graduates, ” she said.

Jane also met with the school library personnel to explore ways to organise a discussion group on library related topics and create a newsletter for the sharing of ideas to encourage the use of the libraries in each of the schools.

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