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Insight Dubai Conference participants learn about UAE’s cultural and political system

More than 130 Emirati and international students visited the Federal National Council in Abu Dhabi on the 3rd day of Insight Dubai International Conference which is hosted and organized by Dubai Women’s College(DWC), a Higher Colleges of Technology flagship institution.

The participants, who are studying a number of themes together in the one-week conference, discussed the development of Arabic governance systems.

The UAE’s combined federal, presidential and elective monarchy was of particular interest to students of international politics and the FNC members graciously and clearly answered their many questions on the structure and functioning of the political system. The aim of this was to equip the students with the knowledge of UAE’s cultural and political system.

After their visit to the FNC, the students went to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque where they were given a guided tour highlighting the general background of the construction of the mosque as well as some fundamental principles of Islam including how and when to  pray and the meaning of certain decorative and architectural features.

DWC student Alia Shamlan said, “The most interesting part in the conference was the outdoor events such as  the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque because it helps international students to learn and discover more about our culture.”

After visiting the mosque, the students returned to Dubai where the last venue for the day was a visit to the world renowned Burj Khalifa and its beautiful musical fountain.

The ladies took pleasure in wandering around the stunning landscaping surrounding the world’s tallest building and the day was capped off with an evening of shopping and sightseeing at Dubai Mall.

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