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Health and Awareness Day at AAWC

On February 19, 2014, Al Ain Women's Colleges (AAWC) held a Health and Awareness Day,  in cooperation with Manzil Healthcare Services.

Presenter Magda Makram Sawiros, Community Relation Coordinator at Manzil Healthcare Services, spoke to students to spread awareness of the importance of healthy habits and healthy eating in preventing cancer.

Early detection to all kind of cancer means a higher present of total recovery for people and for an early detection of breast cancer, Ms. Magda emphasised the importance of regular self-examination for women.

Ms Magda also talked about the importance of regular screening for cervical cancer that is the result of a virus. She explained the importance of vaccination for young unmarried women and regular smears for married women.

Ms. Magda concluded her lecture by addressing some healthy eating habits and some unhealthy ones that could lead to cancer.

In closing, a discussion was opened and student asked their questions and took helpful flyers.

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