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HCT’s Student Orientation Marks Beginning of New Academic Year for 5,000 New Students

HCT marked the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year with its system-wide new student orientation activities, as it accepted approximately 5,000 new students into its Applied Bachelor's and Vocational Diploma programs across its 16 campuses nationwide.

Students who have been granted admission and who have confirmed their enrollment participated in the two-day orientation activities, where they have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their respective campuses, the program structures, and majors offered. They will also have guided tours of the various facilities and engage in a range of activities integrated into the orientation program.

Maryam Alhaffeet, Acting Director of Student Engagement & Success at HCT, congratulated the fresh cohort of HCT students and conveyed her well wishes for their success as they commence their academic voyage in higher education.

She underscored the significance of the orientation program, highlighting its pivotal role in preparing the students as they embark on their college journeys. This is particularly crucial as this year HCT has commenced a new educational strategy and model, which will facilitate a transformative advancement in practical education. The strategy features essential programs and specializations that encompass a range of Applied Bachelor's degrees and professional vocational diplomas, which have been thoroughly designed to align with the demands of the labor market and industry.

Ms. Alhaffeet explained that during the orientation activities students had the opportunity to meet with campus directors, administrative staff, and faculty members, where they gained insights into the program offerings and unique attributes of each campus's educational atmosphere. Academic advisors were also available for discussions regarding schedules and academic plans. Additionally, the Student Life personnel provided valuable information about facilities, extracurricular activities, and programs available for students. They also received guidance on utilizing HCT's official digital platforms and services designed exclusively for students, which are aimed at streamlining their academic and personal requirements.

Maryam Alhaffeet noted a crucial element of these orientation activities was the active involvement of HCT students from various years of study, who voluntarily engaged with the new students to acquaint them with the campuses, academic programs, and facilities, while addressing any inquiries they may have about the HCT experience. She expressed her gratitude towards these volunteer students, acknowledging their impactful role in fostering a sense of belonging and active participation among their freshly enrolled peers.

Ms. Alhaffeet underlined the distinctive educational journey that HCT provides to its students, highlighting the array of opportunities and initiatives in place to bolster their academic growth, personal advancement, and readiness to effectively shape their futures. She added that such opportunities span a range of strategic collaborations that facilitate training and employment pathways, as well as the active involvement of HCT InncuVation Space in nurturing emerging startups and student entrepreneurs.

Maryam Alhaffeet expressed her hope that students would make the most of these opportunities during their academic voyage, ultimately positioning themselves as valuable contributions to the job market through optimal utilization of these resources.

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