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HCT-Dubai hosts Madares Al Ghad 2nd Annual Science Fair

The Higher Colleges of Technology-Dubai, Men’s campus hosted recently the 2nd annual Madares Al Ghad (MAG) Cycle 1 Science Fair.

The aim of the Science Fair is to encourage and motivate students in grades 1-5 to embrace scientific inquiry.

Fourteen Emirati government primary schools from Dubai and Northern Emirates sent the winners of their own science fairs to compete at the final in HCT-Dubai, Men’s campus. Parents and children together displayed up to 40 posters on a wide variety of topics they had researched within their science lessons.

Each participant was challenged to use the scientific method to conduct a controlled investigation. Students were encouraged to seek assistance and advice from adults in choosing a topic, conducting research, gathering materials and reflection.

The students were judged by over 40 judges and each judge spoke of how articulate and prepared the students were. Many of the administration of the HCT-Dubai, Men’s campus and the Ministry of Education were duly impressed by their knowledge of the scientific inquiry method and how they conducted their experiment.

The performance of the students were indeed a reflection of the dedication and commitment of the teachers, TDS, ILC, and most of all the principals to the academic achievement of our students.

MAG director, Zahra Hashim, said this event was a great example of "Best Practices In Action".

Two private schools came to judge the event, and were impressed at what the students could do in Science and wished to join the Science fair competition in the coming year.

Tony Degazon, Chair of Learning Innovation at HCT-Dubai, Men’s campus commented: “It was a wonderful experience for HCT-Dubai students to judge such fantastic work.  The children have worked very hard and demonstrated a high standard of learning and a deep understanding of the world around them. HCT-Dubai is committed to support the Ministry of Education and it was a pleasure to host the 2nd annual Madares Al Ghad science fair.”

Sarah Peoples Perry, lead advisor for MoE - MAG thanked the staff and students of HCT-Dubai, Men’s campus for hosting the event. “It is without saying, that the education of our children requires not only the school house but the community as well. An old African proverb says, ‘It takes a Village to raise a Child’ our village includes the HCT-Dubai, Men’s campus and we are glad to have them in our family,” she concluded.

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