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HCT Hosts Discussion on Positive Citizenship amid Social Media Challenges

Under the theme “Let's Trend It”, a forum to raise awareness of social media ethics and cyberbullying, to highlight social media citizenship in the UAE and to promote online responsibility and self-censorship, was organized by HCT Applied Media students.

The interactive dialog was attended by Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Executive Director of the HCT Dubai Campuses, Mr. Ahmed AlMulla, HCT Director of Student Engagement & Success and Dr. Khaled Alhammadi, HCT Director of Admissions and Registration. Participants included Ahlam Al Feel, Director of Government Communications at the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), Mohammed Al Nazr Al Falasi, content creator & positive influencer, Mohammed Issa Alajmani, member of the Emirates Youth Council & content creator, and HCT Counselors Dr. Heba Sharif and Dr. Nafees Sultana.

Ms. Ahlam Al Feel hosted an interactive session on positive citizenship and social media ethics relating to content selection, purpose and delivery. Ms. Ahlam shared with attendees that any content, once posted on social media, loses its privacy, becomes openly available to all and cannot be permanently deleted easily. She stressed that youth should think carefully before posting or interacting with any content and highlighted the importance of awareness of social media communication laws.

Ms. Al Feel shared examples of common mistakes made by young people on social media, where, despite their innocuous intentions of joking or having fun, they could expose themselves to serious legal ramifications. She also urged students to have self-awareness and self-censorship when interacting with any "trend" on social media, adding that if faced with challenges in their educational institution or workplace they should use the official communication channels rather than using social media posts.

This was followed by a discussion with content creators Mohammed Al Nazr and Mohammed Alajmani. The positive influencers discussed their roles and how to create content that builds a positive image of a UAE citizen in social media. They also shared insights into the challenges of social media and the concepts of personal responsibility and self-censorship. They emphasized to the audience that everyone can be seen as an influencer, whether on social media or in their surroundings; therefore, self-awareness and self-censorship are essential in content creation.

In a session moderated by HCT Counselors Dr. Heba Sharif and Dr. Nafees Sultan, students presented an audio recording of a mother, speaking about her son who was being bullied online, the impact on him and how she helped him overcome it.

The student organized were thrilled at convening the successful forum, which showcased their applied skills, working in cohesive teams. Their efforts highlighted a modern and realistic youth-oriented vision through their choice of theme, program, guests and marketing the event.

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