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HCT Welcomes Over 1700 New Students for Spring Semester, 2023

The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) recently hosted a two-day orientation program for new students for the Spring Semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, which saw over 1,700 freshmen join the institution’s 16 campuses.

During the orientation sessions, students were familiarized with the nature of HCT’s applied education, academic programs, services, facilities, and the advantages of studying at HCT. The benefits of a HCT education include all HCT academic programs linked with international professional certificates, as well as the incubation of graduating companies and entrepreneurs, through the HCT InnCuVation Spaces.

In his welcome address, Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan, HCT President & CEO, congratulated the new students on joining the HCT family, urging them to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them at their campuses, in a motivating and supportive learning environment.

He highlighted HCT’s outstanding programs and majors that are in high demand on the labor market, noting that these programs are linked to internationally accredited professional certificates and have been developed in accordance with the best international standards in applied education.

Dr. Ayyan also highlighted the importance of the private sector as an essential, key partner in the country's economic development and the need for Emirati youth to be active and influential in that sector. He pointed out that HCT’s programs are a direct gateway into the private sector, due to their structures, that prepare students for the workforce. Aligned to this, Dr. Ayyan stressed HCT’s focus to provide students with training opportunities in private sector institutions, so as to boost their future employment opportunities.

Dr. Ayyan stated that HCT, being the UAE's largest applied higher educational institution, is a major provider of highly skilled graduates for the labour market, noting it has an integrated work environment with highly qualified teaching and administrative cadres, who are dedicated on a clear student-centered strategy to achieve the required outcomes for the UAE’s labor market.

He reiterated his confidence in students’ abilities and eagerness to succeed and to be a source of pride to their country and colleges, and to contribute to the UAE's process of development.

Mr. Ahmed AlMulla, HCT Director of Student Engagement & Success, said the orientation program activities ensured that new students are clearly acquainted with their study journey at HCT, so that they lead an active experience, and take advantage of all opportunities to develop their performance and achieve the best results.

Mr. AlMulla said a special emphasis was placed on familiarizing students with the programs and majors offered by HCT and guiding them to the most important future disciplines, in line with the national directions. Students were also advised about government initiatives that support their choice of disciplines and their future employment opportunities, including the NAFIS program for the enrolment of national talents in the private sector.

He noted HCT’s emphasis on raising students' awareness of HCT’s emphasis on training students to be entrepreneurs, while opening doors for them to establish their startups through HCT InnCuVation Spaces, which provide an incubation environment that nurture and develop students' innovative ideas. Students are then able to transform them into viable, operating startups with commercial trade licenses.

Mr. AlMulla also noted that the orientation program provided a major opportunity for students to plan their learning tracks at HCT, with the cooperation of the academic supervisors and career advisors. This, in turn, offered students guidance on how to manage their academic life, including choosing courses, coordinating schedules, tracking academic performances and HCT’s academic support system to ensure their success.

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