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HCT to Collaborate with the Federal Customs Authority to Develop Skilled Emirati Customs Officials

The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) will work closely with the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) to train and develop new cadres of skilled Emiratis to meet the needs of the Customs sector, after the parties signed an agreement.
The agreement, which will also see the parties collaborate in the area of applied scientific research and innovation, was signed by HE Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT President and CEO, and HE Mr. Ahmed Abdullah bin Lahej Al Falasi, FCA Director-General, in the presence of officials from both parties.
The agreement provides for the qualification of UAE National cadres, as well as collaboration to encourage applied research and entrepreneurship. Through the agreement, both parties will work to attract graduates to careers with the Authority and will develop academic, professional and technical programs in customs-related disciplines.
Under the agreement, the FCA will cooperate with the HCT in areas of academic qualifications and vocational training in multiple customs-related fields, as well as in economics, trade, administration, statistics, information technology, risk management, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, the parties will facilitate training of students with international professional certificates to providing them with practical training opportunities, thereby enabling them to study customs-related majors, enhancing their sponsorship by, and employment with, the FCA.
In addition, the parties will conduct ongoing research in areas such as the use of Customs’ sniffer dogs in medical and health research, particularly the detection of epidemic diseases, as in the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT President and CEO, said: “Our cooperation with the Federal Customs Authority is not new, as we have recently announced the world’s first joint scientific study to detect COVID-19 virus using the sense of smell of the Customs’ sniffer dogs, which supported the UAE's efforts and leadership in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.”
“This success is reinforced today by the agreement between the two sides to work towards more cooperation in the field of applied research, as well as expanding the range of work to benefit the students by encouraging them to study majors required by the customs sector; providing them with practical training and sponsorship opportunities, and supporting their employment. HCT students are distinguished with their professional certificates which are now part of 97% of HCT’s academic programs, and have become a privilege for students and support for their readiness for the job market,” he added.
Dr. Al Shamsi also commended the cooperation of the FCA, and its keenness in supporting the HCT’s efforts in preparing National human capital, which would contribute to fulfill the UAE's Emiratization strategies.
HE Mr. Ahmed Abdullah bin Lahej Al Falasi, FCA Director-General, said: “Qualifying and training National competencies in the customs sector is one of the most important strategic goals that the Authority and the local customs departments seek to achieve, in line with the directives of the wise leadership and in implementation of the principles and requirements of the UAE Vision 2021 and the UAE Centennial 2071.”
His Excellency added the Authority is keen to empower National talent, provide them with job opportunities, and train and equip them in the customs sector with the necessary skills and expertise. This will enhance the Authority’s role as a Federal Government authority, so as to ensure the community security, maintain stability and facilitate trade. These will help to build competitive knowledge-based economy.
Mr. Al Falasi said such action will enhance its social responsibility to create jobs, as well as open up future prospects for the UAE youth, helping them build their social and professional future.
“The FCA's experience in cooperating with the HCT on the scientific study to detect the COVID 19 virus by the use of Customs’ sniffer dogs, as the world-first study in this area, is a very promising experience with regard to the future partnership between the FCA and the HCT. We expect more fruitful and constructive cooperation between the sides in the future,” Mr Al Falasi said.
"We are proud of our partnership with the Higher Colleges of Technology, the leading national educational institution, and we expect that this partnership will result in joint initiatives and positive results that will contribute to building staff capacities and enhancing the competitiveness of the country's customs sector,” he said.
“We are confident that our partnership with the HCT in the areas of scientific qualification and training of customs cadres will have positive consequences on the performance level in the country's customs sector in the near future," he added.

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