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HCT Students Showcase Innovative Projects And Technical & Vocational Skills at EmiratesSkills National Competition 2024

Higher Colleges of Technology students and faculty members actively engaged in the 15th edition of the EmiratesSkills National Competition 2024, hosted by the Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

The competition saw students from diverse specializations competing in skill categories including Autonomous Mobile Robotics, Aircraft Maintenance, Welding, Web Technologies, Electronics, IT Software Solutions for Business, and Graphic Design Technology. HCT exhibited a range of innovative student projects at a dedicated stand adjacent to the main competition.

A number of HCT faculty members from the Computer Information Science, Engineering Technology & Science, and Applied Media programs also participated in the competition as judges, trainers, and assessors. Additionally, HCT students and alumni played a notable role as experts in training and evaluation, leveraging their past involvements and successes in both local and international competitions.

Aviation Maintenance Engineering Technology (Airframe and Aeroengines) students, Mona Al-Mansouri, Rawda Al-Mazroui, and Shamma Al-Mazroui, presented a model of an unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone) equipped with cameras and sensors. This drone assists with aircraft maintenance, maneuvering around maintenance sites to inspect operations and ensure their proper execution, thus preventing any oversight in connection or installation. It features a built-in lamp to illuminate dark areas during maintenance inspections and a device to clear accumulated snow residues, safeguarding the aircraft's structure. This project not only bolsters aircraft maintenance endeavors, but also enhances security and safety measures, while offering the capability to document maintenance operations through audio and video recordings.

Engineering students, Issa Ahmed Al Blooshi and Issa Al Abdouli, introduced a project centered on a flooring system engineered to generate electricity. The concept involves crafting a device using 3D printing technology and embedding it within walkable surfaces. As individuals walk, the device, comprising gears and an electric generator, harnesses kinetic energy and converts it into electrical power. This harvested energy is then stored in batteries for diverse applications, such as charging mobile phones, illuminating streets, and various other settings and industries. The students also highlighted the future potential for recycling and manufacturing components from discarded plastic water bottles, thereby contributing to sustainability efforts.

A group of Health Sciences students also showcased a research project focused on investigating the prevalence of bacteria in drinking water stored in plastic bottles. Their objectives included testing antibiotics against these bacteria to assess their interaction and resistance levels.

Categories: Innovation