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HCT Showcases Aeronautical Engineering Students’ Innovative Applied Projects at IDEX 2023

The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) showcased a number of innovative students’ projects, across a wide range of academic disciplines – particularly Aeronautical Engineering - as an exhibitor at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX 2023), held at ADNEC.

HCT students presented their hands-on projects, including unmanned aerial vehicles, vertical planes and aircraft engine models, as well as applied research projects including development of a bulletproof vest.

Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan, HCT President & CEO, toured the HCT Stand at IDEX 2023, and listened to an explanation from students about their innovative applied ideas in aeronautical engineering and aircraft structure design.

Dr. Al Ayyan said IDEX 2023 is one of the most important international defence exhibitions, providing an overview of military industrialization efforts in the UAE, and in which many countries participate to exhibit their latest defence technologies. As the UAE’s largest applied higher education institution, Dr. Al Ayyan noted the importance of HCT’s participation in major international events, such as IDEX 2023, to introduce its key applied programs in engineering technology, computer science & information and others, relevant to the defence industry.

Dr. Al Ayyan added that IDEX an effective platform for students to learn about the latest global technologies in the defense industry, expanding their knowledge and perceptions in terms of the production of innovative ideas and solutions. He said IDEX 2023 has been particularly useful for Aeronautical Engineering students, with many of them actively participating at IDEX with innovative projects. He lauded the HCT student projects that reflect applied skills and innovative ideas embodied in the multi-purpose aircraft models created by Aeronautical Engineering students.

Engineering student Shama Al-Dhahri and her colleagues Noura Al-Kalbani, Alyazia Al-Balooshi, Taif Alalawi and Layla Al-Mansouri, gave an explanation about their project - an unmanned aircraft to be used by the Civil Defence for rescue purposes. They developed this unmanned aircraft so that it can assist in fire and emergency situations with its heat and gas sensors and provide a communication device with individuals inside the fire zone.

Another student, Israa Al-Badi and her colleagues Maha Amer, Nouf Sultan, Maryam Salem and Salama Saeed presented an overview of their project - a turbine engine model for use in Airbus planes. They designed their model using 3D printing to serve as a practical educational tool for Aeronautical Engineering students to learn about the aircraft engines and their mechanism.

Hamda Ahmed, Dana Amer and Maitha Musabah displayed their project - a vertical plane model. Inspired by the whale fin, they worked on developing the plane's wing.  They designed the plane's wing, so that its edges are winding, and not flat, in a way that makes it more able to withstand air force and wind speed, and fly rapidly and flexibly.

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