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HCT Leads Way CAA Accreditation For All 71 Academic Programs


The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is leading the way among United Arab Emirates’ federal higher education institutions, recently completed accreditation of its programs by the UAE’s Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA).


In the space of four years, all 71 HCT academic programs have now gained CAA accreditation in the majors of Applied Media, Business, Computer Information Science, Education, Engineering Technology & Science, Health Sciences and Military & Security.


HCT-CAA-Accreditation Dr.abdullatef-VC-HCT

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT President & CEO, congratulated all departments, faculty and staff involved in what started as a “mammoth” target of fulfilling all programs accreditation, which begun in 2015.


“This is a very important milestone for HCT to achieve as part of our transformative journey, as we have progressed from having no CAA accredited programs in 2014-15, to complete achievement,” Dr. Al Shamsi said.


“This accreditation status is a vital chapter in the development of HCT, as we experience a quantum leap from the HCT 2.0 strategy, which was focused on HCT graduates being the number one choice of employers, to HCT 4.0, the focus of which is on employability and beyond,” he added.


“HCT offers unique work-ready programs with embedded professional qualifications to assure these tailor-made programs meet the academic criteria and high standards laid down by the CAA. These accredited programs will be backbone of the three pillars of HCT 4.0, being No Emirati Left Behind, Technical Leaders and Graduating Companies,” Dr. Al Shamsi said.


“Both employers and industry partners will benefit from the students’ competencies and skills embedded in these programs, which will produce a highly sought-after workforce, with the enhanced capabilities and enter the private sector and to meet the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. As a result, HCT graduates from the accredited programs will be highly sought by employers,” he concluded.


Professor Dr Mohamed Yousif Baniyas, Higher Education Advisor and Director of the Commission for Academic Accreditation, praised the collective efforts by the HCT team. “Congratulations to the HCT accreditation team, led by Dr. Nadeem Khan under the guidance of Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi. The CAA is proud of HCT’s accreditation achievements and the CAA expert commissioners will be glad to support HCT in its new HCT 4.0 strategy,” he said.


“The skills and education being provided by the Higher Colleges of Technology, through the wide range of accredited programs, will empower its students and graduates to make significant contributions to many different sectors of the UAE economy,” he concluded.


Dr. Nadeem Khan, HCT Dean of Institutional & Program Accreditation, said it was a momentous occasion for 71 programs have received CAA accreditation as evidence of meeting all the criteria laid down for high quality graduate outcomes.
“HCT began its journey in 2014-15, applying for national accreditation of its programs. All 71 programs were reviewed by international External Review Teams, invited by the CAA to provide independent review about the quality of programs and provisions at HCT,” Dr. Khan said.


“With several of the HCT programs also internationally accredited from international accrediting bodies such as ACBSP, ABET, CIPS and HIMAA, HCT continues to be a leader in assuring best learning experience for its students,” Dr. Khan concluded.

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