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HCT Launches Summer Semesters 2016 for all Nationalities in UAE

Under the theme of “Explore New Horizons”, the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) today launched its Summer Semesters 2016 programme which will be open to all post-secondary learners in the UAE.

The Summer Semesters programme will offer HCT students and the public the opportunity to undertake a wide range of courses in two semesters, being Semester I from May 22 to June 30, 2016 and Semester II from July 10 to August 15, 2016. The programme will offer over 360 courses in approximately 1,000 classes being held at the HCT’s campuses throughout the UAE.

For the first time ever the summer semesters will be open to non-HCT students, such as new high school graduates and students from universities and colleges in the UAE interested in pursuing their studies or studying new majors, as well as Emirati and expatriate employees seeking self-development courses or new majors of study.

The courses offered during the Summer Semesters 2016 will be taken from the HCT’s current academic programmes of Applied Communications, Business, Computer Information Science, Education, Engineering Technology & Science, and Health Sciences.

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At the Summer Semesters 2016 official launch at the HCT-Dubai Men’s College (DMC) Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ali Al Mansoori, HCT Deputy-Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations, and Dr. Hasan Al Jafri, CEO of the Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT), provided details of the programme, as well as highlighting the benefits of enrollment in an exciting and progressive learning environment.

Dr. Al Shamsi said that, as the largest higher education institution in the UAE, the HCT is committed to providing a wide range of summer courses during the three-month summer period this year which is aimed to empower students and learners with the ability to enhance their learning experience and embrace these self-development opportunities.

“The 360 courses will allow all students to benefit from the quantity and quality of the subjects taught in several specializations at HCT and will also enable them to make up for any delay in, or add to, their current study plans,” Dr. Al Shamsi said.

Dr. Al Shamsi said that as this was the first time summer courses have been open to non-HCT students and the public, it was an ideal opportunity for non HCT students, both nationals and expatriates, to enjoy the distinguished HCT learning experience. “This reinforces the role of HCT in promoting a culture of continuing education and self-development among all individuals in the community,” Dr. Al Shamsi said.

Dr. Al Shamsi invited students and members of the public to register for the courses at the official website www.summer.hct.ac.ae in order to increase their knowledge and acquire new skills.

Dr. Ali Al Mansoori, HCT Deputy Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations, said that the HCT has made excellent preparations for the Summer Semesters programme, providing all the facilities and resources needed to ensure a quality and exceptional learning experience.

“The HCT will provide qualified and specialized faculty who will utilize the latest advanced instruction methods in fully equipped classrooms, applied labs and IT infrastructure, while the HCT campuses will give students access to the range of its learning centres and advanced libraries,” Dr. Al Mansoori said.

Registration in the HCT Summer Semesters 2016 programme will be open from today – April 3, 2016. The registration deadline for Summer Semester I is May 16, 2016. The registration deadline for Summer Semester II is June 30, 2016.

The Summer Semesters will commence at the end of the HCT’s current academic year, which finishes on May 12, 2016.  The calendars for the two semesters have been approved by the Higher Education Coordination Council (HECC) and the courses will not impact the number of study days required for higher education institutions, which is equivalent to 16 weeks per semester. Non-HCT students must have a high school certificate and have achieved an IELTS score of 5 or equivalent.

For more details about the Summer Semesters please visit www.summer.hct.ac.ae

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