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HCT joins UNESCO-UNEVOC global network, promoting Technical & Vocational Education & Training

HCT has become a registered member of the International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (UNEVOC), one of seven UNESCO institutes working in the field of education.

As a UNEVOC member, HCT will be able to participate in international forums; share applied education best practices with other UNEVOC members; promote its events; collaborate on global strategic initiatives; and develop studies & reports in partnership with UNEVOC members and other UNESCO’s institutes.

A key goal of UNEVOC is to support UNESCO’s member States in their efforts to strengthen and upgrade their Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems. It engages a network of more than 250 UNEVOC centers around the globe through innovative projects, capacity-building programs and collaborative activities.

Dr. Ahmed Samy, HCT Executive Director of Strategy & Future, said HCT’s UNEVOC membership was firmly aligned to its strategic priority of leading through global advocacy and impact in the world of applied higher education.

“HCT establishes active and dynamic international collaborations and partnerships to ultimately empower the UAE’s future leaders in business and industry. The UNEVOC membership will enable HCT to leverage its status as a leading innovator in applied higher education to create purposeful global partnerships for sharing of best practices and collaborating on innovative projects, for the benefit of our students and industry partners,” he said.

“This will help expand HCT’s global footprint, in terms of enhancing international student mobility, supporting applied research international collaborations, and providing a platform for knowledge exchange and co-creation,” Dr. Samy added.

UNESCO is the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Its mission is to promote peace and security around the globe by way of various international initiatives in education, sciences and culture. UNESCO-UNEVOC promotes increased opportunities for productive work, sustainable livelihoods, personal empowerment and socio-economic development, especially for youth, women and the disadvantaged.

Through its innovative projects, capacity-building programs and collaborative activities with more than 250 UNEVOC centers around the globe, UNESCO-UNEVOC is working towards ensuring access to quality skills training and development for all.

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