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HCT-Dubai Men’s campus honours outstanding Engineering students

Dr. Howard Reed, Senior Director of Higher Colleges of Technology - Dubai, recently honoured 163 engineering students who obtained high results during the last semester at an official ceremony.

The event was also an occasion to honour a number of creative students, and students who did not register any absence during the semester.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Reed praised the great effort exerted by outstanding students to get the results of the academic excellence in engineering disciplines taught in the College, which required their hard work and perseverance.

"We have to show our respect for each student who is aware that studying phase is the path to practical success in the future. If the student is able to obtain outstanding results in his study, he will be able to optimally serve his country after graduation and join the labor market," Dr. Reed said.

Dr. Reed talked about the appreciation that awaits the outstanding local student after graduating, especially that the private institutions in the country are interested in outstanding young locals, always seeking to embrace their talents.

He added that he was happy to see the graduates of the Higher Colleges of Technology- Dubai working in leadership positions in the state every year, which confirms that the output of education in the college is going to the correct form, and also reflects the vision of the UAE leadership for outstanding and ambitious young locals.

"The Emirate deserves your excellence and effort in order to contribute in its continuous development, and you will be the leaders of work in all sectors; the makers of a prosperous future; and most importantly that you will be worth the confidence of the wise leadership of the State in young locals," Dr. Reed added.

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