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HCT-Dubai Men’s Campus Celebrates Convocation of 273 Graduates

H.E. Dr. Abdulrahman Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation and HCT Chancellor, attended the graduation ceremony of 273 male students from the HCT-Dubai Men’s campus (DBM), as part of the 2022 cohort of HCT graduates.

The ceremony was held at the DBM’s Martyrs’ Hall, in the presence of Dr. Faisal Alayyan, HCT President & CEO, Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Executive Director of HCT-Dubai campuses, faculty and staff, graduates’ parents and families.

On behalf of the HCT’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Alayyan extended sincere thanks and gratitude to the UAE’s leadership for their permanent support of HCT over its 34-year journey, which has empowered HCT to undertake its leading role of qualifying competent national cadres and providing the labor market with more than 70,000 highly qualified graduates. He noted that HCT is

embarking on a new phase in which it seeks to confirm its standing, reputation for excellence and its flexibility in addressing any educational needs and changes.

Dr. Alayyan congratulated the graduates and their parents, acknowledging the role of the HCT’s teaching and administrative staff in guiding students to success and achieving excellence. On behalf of the HCT’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Alayyan announced the graduation of the 273 HCT-Dubai Men’s students, who are part of the 2022 cohort of HCT graduates, which totals 3,344 male and female graduates.

On behalf of his fellow graduates, DBM graduate Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Marzouki expressed their pleasure and pride in achieving their graduations after years of hard work and dedication. The graduates performed the Pledge of Allegiance to express their loyalty and devotion to their country and its leaders, and their commitment to contribute to the advancement and progress of the UAE.

H.E. Dr. Abdulrahman Al Awar, accompanied by Dr. Faisal Alayyan, presented the graduates with their certificates and posed for a commemorative group photo with the graduates.



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